SortEEZ – Caliper


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Sorting Simplified

Measuring and Sorting bullets improves accuracy-
Sorteez finally makes it easy.

Shooting consistent bullets improves accuracy– top marksmen around the country carefully sort ammunition to make sure every shot is consistent. The slightest changes in the dimensions of a bullet will change its ballistics dramatically. During competitions or while on the hunt, you’ll want to trust that your ammo’s consistent. Top shooters are sorting bullets to achieve this consistency.

Sorteez is the first product that helps measure, sort and document your bullet measuring process. Sorting bullets is a must for long-range accuracy, and Sorteez aims to make that process more efficient and accessible than ever before by combining calipers with an intuitive phone app that lets the user automatically measure and sort hundreds of bullets without ever needing to focus on each one.

Comes with a caliper, custom cable, rechargeable USB battery and bluetooth module. Download the app to get ready to sort!